Day: August 25, 2020

Cloud migration gets harder | InfoWorld

The chart below depicts the number of applications migrated over time in blue, and the degree of difficulty of moving those applications in orange. This is a fictional collection of applications; however, the concept that difficulty increases the more you migrate affects enterprises large and small as they move to the public cloud.  

See this chart: 

cloud migration difficulty IDG

What’s occurring is easy to explain, but the solution to the problem is not. 

Simply put, the applications and databases that are more modern, better designed, and built to be portable are the first to relocate to the clouds. This for good reason:

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The Charge XC is a well-rounded ebike that folds flat for storage

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s no reason why bikes, even full-sized ones, need to take up so much space. Bikes are mostly super-thin devices — except for those pesky handlebars.

Charge, a respected bike company that ironically only began selling electric bikes a few months ago, seems to feel the same way. The company’s svelte lineup of three quite-different ebikes maintains one crucial feature: the handlebars and pedals fold, allowing the bikes to occupy a footprint just a few inches wide.

To illustrate, here’s how much space the bike takes up normally:

And here is

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