Day: August 21, 2020

2021: The year of the great enterprise disconnect

Due to the unprecedented shutdown of businesses during the pandemic, most white-collar workers went from hours-long commutes to working fulltime from a guest bedroom somewhere in the suburbs. In the past, most enterprises resisted or refused to consider viable telecommuting options. Suddenly, new regulations, laws, and liability policies forced the hands of most enterprises around the world. Companies had to accommodate a remote workforce in a short amount of time. Adapt or die. 

IT departments spent the better part of the year putting out fires caused by the sudden shift to a remote workforce. VPNs had to scale to handle

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Securing Telemedicine: Present and Future Risks

Telemedicine is the use of medical information that is exchanged from one place to another using electronic communication to improve the patient’s health status. Some of the benefits of telemedicine are convenience, lower costs, improved health access, and reduced risk of exposure to disease infections. But on the other hand, the challenge is that not all telemedicine services are supported by insurance, high-speed Internet speed, necessary software, and hardware, and reduce the risk of exposure to disease and infection. If you want high connection speeds and you can avoid cyber-attacks, then SD-WAN solutions from Teldat is the solution.

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Lyft is shutting down its California operations

Starting 11:59 PM PT on August 20, Lyft is shutting down its California rideshare operations. The move, likely temporary, was expected after a judge ordered the company (along with Uber) to treat its drivers as employees rather than independent contractors. Uber is expected to do the same.

It marks a major milestone in the ongoing battle between rideshare companies and regulators who would see them expand benefits for their drivers, and is especially ironic considering both Lyft and Uber got their start in California.

Lyft, making similar arguments to Uber, claims the move would “necessitate an overhaul of the entire

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