Day: August 18, 2020

Cloudops tool integration is more important than the tools themselves

It’s 3:00 on a Tuesday, and your AIops tool messages that the corporate network is reaching a saturation point. It seems that one of the virtual cloud servers is spinning off a massive number of packets, hijacked by a rogue piece of software placed by a hacker the night before.

You wish that the security operations tool would have picked up on this, but it was the general-purpose management and monitoring tool that saw the network traffic spiking out of threshold and sounded the alarm that drew attention to the breach. The offending server is quickly taken down; all is

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Apple will soon give buyers a year to decide on AppleCare+, up from 60 days

Apple is about to give customers much more time to decide whether they want to sign up for its extended warranty program, AppleCare+. A report by Bloomberg states the company sent out a memo to employees notifying them of the expansion, augmenting the waiting period massively from the original 60 days.

AppleCare+ builds on the regular warranty by covering accidental damage as well as manufacturer defects, as well as providing premium support options. In the case of the iPhone, an extra tier also offers coverage against stolen and lost products as well.

The memo seen by Bloomberg says the expanded

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