Month: July 2020

Data and project management should be a major business focus. This training puts it front and center

TLDR: The training in The Ultimate Data and Project Management Certification Bundle helps you understand the process and tools driving data analytics and project tracking.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the minutia of your day to day business. In fact, it’s probably not uncommon for you to realize that most of your day was spent dealing with in-the-moment hassles and today’s latest crisis while the big picture issues that could shape the course of your company and your future sit untouched.

But it’s time to put your eye back on the ball. Understanding all the data around your

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How AI helps scientists fight COVID-19

InfoWorld | Jul 24, 2020

Artificial intelligence is useful for sorting through massive amounts of data and identifying anomalies within that data. Given the swaths of data healthcare workers and scientists are sorting through due to the coronavirus pandemic, Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have proven helpful in everything from predictive modeling to vaccine research and reading X-rays. InfoWorld senior writer Serdar Yegulalp joins Juliet to discuss how AI/ML tech is helping fight COVID-19 and how these technologies could be used by scientists, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals alike in the future.

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Vodafone makes big play for EU 5G dominance with mobile tower IPO

Vodafone today revealed the creation of Europe‘s largest telecommunications infrastructure platform, Vantage Towers, which it says is already on track to go public with an IPO in Frankfurt next year.

Vantage Towers launches with over 68,000 towers across nine markets. A sizeable chunk of those come by way of a merger with Greece’s Wind Hellas and a 50% stake in UK’s leading telecoms infrastructure firm CTIL  the latter of which manages 14,300 towers.

All that new infrastructure will become “part of the essential consolidated grid of at least two of the largest mobile operators in markets where Vodafone has

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Multicloud is not really about clouds anymore

Most think of multicloud just how it sounds: an architecture that leverages plural public and/or private clouds at the same time, in support of best-of-breed cloud services. In other words, we use multicloud as a path to access the cloud services that are the best fit.

As multicloud becomes the norm, I’ve observed that the design and deployment of multicloud-based architectures is really not about the underlying clouds. There are a few reasons for this:

First, technology to manage multiclouds should sit above and separate from the cloud-native resources it is managing. It does not matter if the tools

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Next.js builder Vercel spruces up edge network

Vercel has enhanced its edge platform for content delivery with better performance, improved ease of use, and automatic global failover. The improvements are designed to optimize the experience for both front-end developers and web users.

The company’s edge platform, called the Vercel Edge Network, has been rearchitected for faster routing, improved caching, and backward compatibility. The Vercel Edge Network leverages the company’s open source Next.js framework for the React JavaScript UI library. Next.js enables static site generation and server-side rendering while enabling React applications that pre-render, code-split, and hot-reload with no configuration.

New enhancements to the Vercel Edge Network,

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How I turned my summer job counting cars into a smart city company

The genesis of Miovision grew out of a summer job I had, doing traffic counts. Sitting in a chair in the hot sun, I realized this was a process ripe for automation. Automated counts could be more accurate. It’s a process that could scale across cities. And, it offered the opportunity to provide 24/7 traffic data.

That summer job also gave me insight into how important this data is. Cities make decisions, in part, based on traffic data – decisions on zoning and where to build what. Traffic teams also use traffic data to optimize the timing of traffic signals,

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