Day: July 17, 2020

Google’s Shoploop is like a telemarketing channel for influencers

It’s no secret that Google has a tight grip on the online shopping market. From its Shopping section in Search, and its large ad network, to numerous product reviews on YouTube, the company has become a staple of online consumerism. And now the company wants to capitalize on its dominance in the market with a new shopping app.

Enter Shoploop, a video shopping platform for discovering, evaluating, and buying products all in one place. It’s basically like a social media platform built around product reviews and affiliate links. Users will be able to save products to check out later, or

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Google Cloud adds security capabilities for sensitive workloads

Google Cloud on July 14 introduced two new security services to its cloud platform, including a VM service launched as part of Google’s Confidential Computing portfolio. The services cater to heavily regulated and security-sensitive industries including public sector, healthcare, and financial services.

Confidential VMs, a data protection technology now in beta, is the first product in the company’s Confidential Computing data encryption initiative. Attempting to take isolation and sandboxing to the “next level,” Confidential VMs provide memory encryption on AMD EPYC CPUs, leveraging the hardware’s Secure Encrypted Virtualization feature. All Google Cloud Platform workloads running in VMs today can run

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What to do with legacy apps that can’t migrate to the cloud

About 20 percent to 30 percent of your applications are not economically viable to move to the public cloud. These are applications with no platform analogs in the cloud, such as traditional mainframe applications. Or, even if there are platform replicants, they are not of enough business value to invest in the migration.

Many hope that these applications will just go away upon moving to the cloud, but most hold significant business value and can’t yet be retired. If you’re looking to get out of the data center business, what are you to do with these outliers?

There are a

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