Day: July 15, 2020

This illustrator draws classic film cameras to celebrate analog photography

Talk about the demise of analog photography has flown around for years, but a small group of film camera enthusiasts have kept the trend alive and well — and one of those people is Barcelona-based graphic designer and photographer David Ortiz.

Just last month, the 26-year-old started a new Instagram project — dubbed Camxatca (it’s pronounced like the Russian peninsula) — that aims to document a series of film cameras and showcase a beautiful feed of analog photography.

The concept is pretty simple. Each entry starts with an illustration of a camera (usually drawn by Ortiz himself), accompanied by a

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How to run Anaconda side by side with other Pythons

The Anaconda distribution of Python packs a great many libraries and tools for data science and scientific computing under a single roof. Its appeal goes beyond scientific number crunching, though. Anaconda is also useful as a general purpose Python distribution.

But Anaconda comes with its share of snares and subtleties. What if you’re using Anaconda alongside other Python distributions, and you don’t want them stepping on each other’s toes? How do you integrate Anaconda effectively with your other Python tooling, like IDEs? And if you decide you just want to use regular Python, how do you remove Anaconda without breaking

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GIS aids in Covid-19 fight beyond tracking cases

Geospatial data is helping battle Covid-19 in ways other than tracking infection hot spots, panelists at this week’s Esri virtual user conference told online attendees.

In Santa Monica, city officials built dashboards and maps so residents knew what businesses were still open, according to GIS analyst Zach Robinson. This was important both to help people find groceries and pharmacies and to help neighborhood businesses, he said. They also used geospatial analysis at the start of the pandemic to track city workers’ whereabouts to help plan ways for more to work more safely at home.

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