Day: July 1, 2020

Client-serverless is the 4th generation application model

I had a front row seat at Microsoft to watch the first two application model transitions. Early mainframe and minicomputer systems were monolithic, with data storage, application code, and terminal services all in one box. When the microprocessor and Ethernet networks emerged during the 1980’s, they enabled lower-cost computers to work together and communicate over local area networks. PC’s and Unix workstations began to connect to servers, leveraging a new, multi-machine, client-server programming model for business applications. Client-server applications emerged with a graphical user interface coupled to a back-end SQL database (frequently Oracle Database or SQL Server).

Client-server applications were

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When two people love each other very much, they can get Spotify Premium Duo for $13

When two people love each other very much, they can still hate each other’s taste in music. Spotify doesn’t want you fighting with your partner over who gets to play DJ — so it’s rolling out a new subscription service specifically aimed at couples.

The new service, dubbed Premium Duo, will offer each half their own Premium account, in addition to a shared playlist tailored to the taste of both.

Premium Duo will cost $12.99, so couples are still getting a deal considering a standard individual sub will run you $9.99. That said, it’s less of a bargain than Premium

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