Month: June 2020

For data scientists, drudgery is still job #1

The hassles of data intake and cleaning, problems with biased models and data privacy, and difficulty finding experience and technical skills—all these ranked among the biggest challenges facing data scientists and software engineers in data-science disciplines according to a newly released survey.

Anaconda, makers of the Python distribution of the same name for scientific computing applications, conducted its 2020 State Of Data Science survey with 2,360 respondents from 100 countries, slightly less than half of those hailing from the U.S.

Despite all the advances in recent years in data science work environments, data drudgery remains a major part of

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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 firmware leaked — here’s what we know

Apple might be the world’s most popular smartwatch maker, but Samsung is a (not particularly) close second. And if any item is going to somehow knock the Apple Watch down a few rungs, then Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is probably your best bet.

So, what does the Korean tech giant have in store for us next? Well, the firmware for Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 has been leaked and now we have a far clearer picture.

Last night, Max Weinbach tweeted a range of info he’d pulled from the software, summarizing the main points succinctly here:

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3 things the pandemic taught us about cloud computing

We’re in a recovery now, and at some point, things will be back to near normal…hopefully. We learned that some businesses fared better than others during the upheaval. Nine times out of ten, those businesses leveraged cloud successfully to navigate the quick IT changes needed during the pandemic.

Many enterprises have learned some hard lessons. Indeed, I suspect more will come. Enterprises discovered more about the advantages and limitations of cloud computing in the last four months than in the previous two years. Here are three of the big ones I see consistently:

Cloudops is more important than we thought.

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Kaggle: Where data scientists learn and compete

Data science is typically more of an art than a science, despite the name. You start with dirty data and an old statistical predictive model and try to do better with machine learning. Nobody checks your work or tries to improve it: If your new model fits better than the old one, you adopt it and move on to the next problem. When the data starts drifting and the model stops working, you update the model from the new dataset.

Doing data science in Kaggle is quite different. Kaggle is an online machine learning environment and community. It has

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This AI detects political affiliation just by reading tweets about COVID-19

Political messaging can have a huge impact on public responses to crises. In the US, academics warn that divisions between Republican and Democratic lawmakers are wrecking efforts to contain the virus. Now, a new AI tool has shown just how fractured their rhetoric has been.

Researchers from Ohio State University trained the algorithm to guess which political party members of Congress belonged to by analyzing their tweets about the pandemic. It correctly identified their party 76{6fe526db6ef7b559514f2f4990546fdf37a35b93c5ba9b68aa72eaf397bd16d6} of the time, according to their study.

The AI scanned all 30,887 tweets that current members of  Congress wrote about COVID-19, from the first

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Artificial intelligence experts are making over $1 million a year. Here’s how to start

TLDR: The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle is your ticket to understanding — and maybe even working with — AI and machine learning systems.

Artificial intelligence has seeped into literally every facet of human life — and examples are in front of us every day. Like how AI advances just led to a new way to test your eyesight that doesn’t involve the old eye chart. Or how the U.S. House of Representatives thinks military artificial intelligence programs are so important that they should be overseen by the deputy Secretary of Defense. Or how Carnegie Mellon University is

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