Day: June 25, 2020

This training will help you build video game characters that leap off the screen

TLDR: The training in The Hardcore Game Development and Animation Bundle can help emerging game creators build stellar character and gorgeous in-game experiences.

It’s one of the globe’s longest simmering conflicts. Year after year, the tensions peak and ebb, with both sides occasionally firing volleys before retreating back to their respective bunkers.

But after several seasons of comparatively low-key gamesmanship, that calm is inches from once again exploding into one of the rivalry’s fiercest clashes ever. As a fabled Jedi master would say, reignited, the console wars have.

With game announcements already launching fast and furious, the late year

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AI is now a C-suite imperative

Executive involvement in enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives is growing rapidly and more emphasis is being placed on high-quality training data. Both C-suite ownership of AI and budgets over $500K nearly doubled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic serving as a catalyst for accelerated AI initiatives. 

A key lesson learned from the pandemic is that businesses need to be ready for anything that requires a high level of business agility. It’s Darwinism at its finest as businesses that can adapt to market trends faster than their competition can become market leaders and maintain that position. Those that can’t do

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