Day: June 24, 2020

Oceans on alien worlds are more common than you think, study reveals

Another quality to look for when searching for worlds with liquid water (and potentially life) is heat — needed to melt ice and drive chemical reactions. This planetary heat typically comes from two sources — radiogenic heat, driven by radioactive decay inside a planet, and tidal forces, the stretching of planets and moons as they orbit each other, the same force which creates tides on Earth.

This heat can be expelled from inside a planet though two means — continental drift, or volcanoes (including cyrovolcanoes which erupt with water rather than lava). The means by which

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How PagerDuty helps customer service and IT teams improve responses

Predicting the outcome of the NCAA men’s Division I basketball tournament — an event where upsets are celebrated wildly and the outcome is notoriously difficult to foresee — is nearly as competitive as the tournament itself. For years, Warren Buffet held a contest offering a billion dollars for a perfect bracket, and nobody even came close. Speaking of unpredictability, just as fans were getting ready to make their picks for this year’s tournament, all major public sporting events were canceled. Who could have predicted that?

Even though we can’t see the future, a deep understanding of variables does enable

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