Day: June 19, 2020

Australia hit by cyber attacks from ‘state actor’ — experts suspect it’s China

Australia has been targeted by ongoing “sophisticated” cyber attacks from a “state-based actor,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned at a press conference today.

Morrison said the attacks were targeting “all levels of government,” as well as businesses, political organizations, essential service provides, and critical infrastructure.

He refused to reveal the identity of the suspected culprit but added that he “can’t control what speculation others might engage in on this issue.”

Security experts immediately pointed the finger at China, which recently warned its relationship with Australia could be damaged “beyond repair,” after Morrison called for an interdependent probe into the origins

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The post-pandemic move to edge computing requires some thought

When computing first began computers that were way too expensive for most companies were shared via timeshare services. Processing was centralized, using multiuser systems.   

Then minicomputers, PC, and LANs came along, and we moved processing out to PC workstations and smaller compute platforms. We saw the decentralization of computing. Now, years later, we’re centralizing processing again on public cloud hyperscalers, but this time using a multitenant approach. Getting dizzy?

These days we’re also considering decentralization again, with the rise of edge computing. We’ve talked about edge here before, and my conclusion remains that there are reasons to leverage edge computing,

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