Day: June 18, 2020

Oh crap, the US Military has shape-shifting drones now

Ok, so maybe that headline was a little strong. But that said, the US military has validated technology for vertical lift vehicles (think drones and UAVs) that can change shape depending on the specific requirements of a mission.

But let’s slow down before we convince ourselves that the US military just invented a range of Transformers or Decepticons, the tech is far more nuanced than it sounds.

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Researchers with a US Army Research Laboratory and Texas A&M University have just published the results of a two-year

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3 ways to apply agile to data science and dataops

Just about every organization is trying to become more data-driven, hoping to leverage data visualizations, analytics, and machine learning for competitive advantages. Providing actionable insights through analytics requires a strong dataops program for integrating data and a proactive data governance program to address data quality, privacy, policies, and security.

Delivering dataops, analytics, and governance is a significant scope that requires aligning stakeholders on priorities, implementing multiple technologies, and gathering people with diverse backgrounds and skills. Agile methodologies can form the working process to help multidisciplinary teams prioritize, plan, and successfully deliver incremental business value.

Agile methodologies can also help data

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