Day: June 17, 2020

British motorcycle maker Triumph has a new ebike — and it’s more than a vanity project

In a departure for its normal line of business, an iconic motorcycle maker from Britain has just stuck its name on an ebike — but there’s still no word on an electric motorcycle.

Today, Triumph launched its Trekker GT, a surprisingly well-equipped ebike. I say surprisingly because car and motorbike makes have done this kind of thing in the past. Usually, they pick an off-the-shelf frame, throw on some off-the-peg parts, and slap their brand name on it. Triumph’s Trekker GT, though, appears very well-thought-out.

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The Trekker

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Here is how companies control and guard their data

In a world where everything is almost guided by analytics, data is important and useful, especially when it comes to sales and marketing. Generation Y hackers are seldom interested in hacking your bank account because data is precious too. Do you remember Yahoo’s epic, a historic data breach in 2013 that involved nearly 3 billion people? Well, at least you now understand how data is of importance. That is why experts advise you to erase any obsolete data from your storage servers because you don’t know when hackers may lock you out and demand ransom! Getting an arsenal Data Erasure Read More