Day: June 16, 2020

AI is tracking down the UK’s biggest foe: Japanese knotweed

Scientists are using AI to find invasive species of plants, including the scourge of British homes and gardens: Japanese knotweed.

The bamboo-like plant has been ravaging European roads, railways, and building foundations since explorer Philipp Franz von Siebold brought it to the continent in the mid-19th century. Unbeknownst to Siebold, the perennial weed would become “indisputably the UK‘s most aggressive, destructive and invasive plant,” according to the Environment Agency

The fearsome plant can reduce a property’s value by 10% and cause road closures when it’s spotted on highways. It’s also notoriously time-consuming and expensive to find. A pair of

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3 serverless downsides your cloud provider won’t mention

Serverless is a game changer. As we look to accelerate the post-pandemic movement to cloud, we would love to remove the step of sizing the cloud resources we think the workloads will need.

Serverless automatically provisions the cloud resources needed, such as storage and compute, and then deprovisions them once the workloads are through processing. Although some call this a lazy person’s cloud platform service, removing the need to guess about provisioning the correct number of resources will keep you out of trouble these days.

However, with all the upsides there always are a few downsides. I have three to

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Software is eating the world of eating

Software is eating the world. That’s what engineer/investor Marc Andreessen famously wrote nine years ago in a ground-breaking article in the Wall Street Journal.

Andreessen was merely pointing out that global business was entering a new phase. Instead of technology companies operating in the new world, and non-technology companies functioning in the old world, the former non-technology companies were now being run on software as the core part of their businesses (or delivered as web-based services).

Nearly right on Andreessen’s schedule, one of the most non-digital, non-technology, non-software businesses is being eaten by software: The restaurant business.

How restaurants went

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