Day: June 15, 2020

WhatsApp launches payments in Brazil, with India still stuck in test mode

WhatsApp announced today that it’s launching the payment feature in Brazil. The feature is powered by Facebook Pay technology and payments are processed by Brazilian fintech company Cielo. Brazil is the second country after India to get this feature.

The company has tied up with several local merchants to let customers chat with them and easily make payments. You have to add your debit or debit-enabled combo card just once to start transacting with your friends and businesses. For now, the company will support debit or credit cards from Banco do Brasil, Nubank, and Sicredi on the Visa and

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Developers will decide cloud winners and losers

A few years ago I was at a presentation at the Open Source Business Conference listening to an idiot. He compared people who supported various open source models to babies and derided “catering to developer preferences.” I don’t remember who he was but everything he said is wrong. Here’s why.

As the migration to the public cloud completes, eventually the number of transactions and thus operations executed in the public cloud will stagnate. Once that happens each technology vendor’s share of those operations and ultimately revenue will be a function tied directly to (drum roll please) developer preferences.

We can

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7 dark secrets of cloud costs

Is there anything more seductive than cloud machine price lists? There aren’t many of us old enough to remember paying a penny for a piece of candy, but cloud users enjoy prices that are even smaller.

Google’s N1 standard machine’s price is $0.0475 per hour but you can get it for just $0.0100 per hour for your batch processing needs—if you’re willing to be preempted by more important jobs. The crazy spenders can step up to the high CPU version for $0.015 per hour – still less than two cents. Woo-hoo!

Azure charges a miniscule $0.00099 per gigabyte to store

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