Day: June 12, 2020

Why you should just hire an expert instead of paying for an online course

This might shock you, but the e-learning industry will kill millions of businesses. Before you buy an online course, you should consider your options. I’ll lay it out for you and you can decide for yourself.

I’m not against e-learning or online courses. In fact, my company offers courses and we have several trusted partners who offer courses. But digital education is not always the answer. 

Seeing trends before they crest

In Zero to One, author and legendary investor Peter Thiel asks a question that is now part of every entrepreneur’s preparation process before raising money. He asks,

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Cloud complexity is a threat to data security

According to the 2020 Thales Data Threat Report – European Edition, European companies have a false sense of security when it comes to protecting themselves. Only two-thirds (68 percent) see themselves as vulnerable, down from 86 percent in 2018. This confidence contradicts the findings of the survey, where 509 executives revealed that slightly more than half (52 percent) of their European companies were hacked or failed a compliance audit in 2019. 

Core to this issue is the belief by 40 percent of respondents that the complexity of their business environments makes their data much less secure. It’s no secret

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