Day: June 2, 2020

3 business lessons from the ‘90s that deserve a comeback

As our world becomes even more fast-paced, technologically driven and, frankly, uncertain, nostalgia can serve as a helpful coping mechanism. Reminiscing about simpler times by watching throwback TV shows or resurrecting past fashion trends can provide comfort and even inspire comebacks.

While nostalgia is typically reserved for such consumer-facing things, the tech world can — and should — tap into it, too.

Sure, technology has changed in nearly every possible way since the dot-com days, but startups and even more established companies could benefit from revisiting some of the business fundamentals that reigned supreme in the ‘90s.

Too often, today’s

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A pragmatic approach to the post-pandemic run on cloud computing

It’s no secret that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has spurred increased cloud spending, and we’re starting to see the data. Most recent is a survey by Flexera of 750 executives, where more than half (59 percent) said their cloud usage will be leveraged more than planned before the pandemic.

I always take these survey reports with a grain of salt considering that the vendors that sponsor them typically have a dog in the hunt. However, from this data, along with recent sales and usage data of cloud providers and technology in the cloud orbit, it’s clearly much more than

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