Day: May 2, 2020

For under $30, this advanced training can take your Excel knowledge to the next level

TLDR: The Complete 2020 Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle might open your eyes to everything Excel can really do, all for under $30.

If you’ve already got some background using Microsoft Excel, congratulations — you’re among 800,000 people worldwide using the planet’s most robust data analysis tool. Of course, just because 800,000 people have it and have used it doesn’t mean they know how to use it well. 

After 40 years in the data game, Excel users have developed tricks on top of tricks to help accomplish virtually every numbers-driven task that could ever be done. If you’re interested in joining

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Visual Studio Online becomes Visual Studio Codespaces

Microsoft has changed the name of Visual Studio Online to Visual Studio Codespaces, to bring the name more in line with the idea that the offering is “more than just an ‘editor in a browser,’” the company wrote in a blog post. Microsoft introduced the name change on April 30, along with a new, lower-cost Basic instance type for Codespaces.

The online development environment, which began a public preview phase in November, provides for cloud-hosted development environments that can be accessible from anywhere. The so-called Codespaces can be used for capabilities including prototyping a new feature or performing

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