Month: April 2020

Eclipse Theia takes aim at Visual Studio Code

Eclipse Theia, an “IDE platform” for building multi-language desktop and web-based IDEs from the same codebase, has reached version 1.0 status.

The Eclipse Foundation describes Theia as a “true” open source answer to Microsoft’s popular Visual Studio Code editor. Theia even runs Visual Studio Code extensions for capabilities such as Python and Java language support. However, thus far Theia is intended to be fitted into third-party products. An end-user version is on the roadmap for release later this year. 

Implemented in TypeScript and available on GitHub, Theia runs in two separate processes—front end and back end—and communicates through

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Review: Amazon SageMaker plays catch-up

When I reviewed Amazon SageMaker in 2018, I noted that it was a highly scalable machine learning and deep learning service that supports 11 algorithms of its own, plus any others you supply. Hyperparameter optimization was still in preview, and you needed to do your own ETL and feature engineering. 

Since then, the scope of SageMaker has expanded, augmenting the core notebooks with IDEs (SageMaker Studio) and automated machine learning (SageMaker Autopilot) and adding a bunch of important services to the overall ecosystem, as shown in the diagram below. This ecosystem supports machine learning from preparation through model building,

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