Day: April 29, 2020

This mega-bundle can get any new entrepreneur up to speed on digital marketing 

TLDR: The 14 courses in The 2020 Complete Digital Marketing for Beginners Bundle explore social platforms, SEO, email marketing, content creation, sales and more.

Over the past 20 years, digital marketing has surged from a lazy river to a freakin’ ocean, spreading out in innumerable directions. Even if you’re focused on SEO, content distribution, ad servicing, email contacts and social platforms, there are still a dozen other venues that need to be addressed to keep an organization’s digital efforts optimized and running smoothly.

And if you want to do the job right, you can’t sleep on any of those avenues. 

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Gatsby JS stands on the shoulders of thousands

Many years ago Linux founder Linus Torvalds borrowed Sir Isaac Newton’s “standing on the shoulders of giants” phrase when discussing his open source work with Linux. While it’s a nice sentiment — “Hey, I’ve only been able to do great work because of a few others’ great work” — that may have applied to Linux in 1991, it doesn’t do a good job of describing open source in 2020. When someone releases open source code today, after all, they’re drawing on much more than a tiny set of genius developers.

No, as the latest release of Gatsby.js shows, modern open

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Major R language update brings big changes

Version 4.0.0 of the R language for statistical computing has been released, with changes to the syntax of the language as well as features pertaining to error-checking and long vectors.

The upgrade was published on April 24. Source code for R 4.0.0 is accessible at A GNU project, R has gathered steam with the rise of data science and machine learning, currently ranking 10th in the Tiobe Index of language popularity and seventh in the PyPL Popularity of Programming Language index.

Changes and features introduced in R 4.0.0 include:

  • A new syntax is offered for specifying _raw_
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