Day: April 24, 2020

Juniper CTO talks COVID-19, SD-WAN and shifting multicloud technology

In December, Juniper Networks  named industry veteran Raj Yavatkar chief technology officer. After extended stints with Google Cloud, VMware and Intel, Yavatkar is now charged with setting Juniper’s future courses in intelligent self-driving networks, security, network virtualization, packet-optical integration and how it will support hybrid cloud scenarios. Yavatkar recently talked with Network World about what technologies he sees currently impacting networking and what Juniper is planning for the near future. Here is an edited version of that conversation.

What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on Juniper?

First of all we are in a quiet period [ahead of the company’s

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Rethinking PCs and smartphones in a post-COVID-19 world

Disclosure:  Most of the companies mentioned are clients of the author.

Personal technology started with terminals, typewriters and wired analog phones. Security was a simple concern, mobility was something out of science fiction, and we pretty much leased everything. Put  differently, everything was a service. From the 1960s until now, we have been trying – largely unsuccessfully – to get back to that simpler time when we didn’t have to be a technician, things just worked, and we could focus more on our businesses, less on and keeping technology running. 

As the world moved from mainframes to PCs, from wired

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Create 100 of your favorite songs as brilliant karaoke tracks with VocalRemover

TLDR: VocalRemover uses AI and machine learning algorithms to separate vocals and instrumentals from any music track. 

Karaoke is not for the timid. It’s high risk…and high reward. And if you’re ready to step up and belt out a classic like “Paradise By the Dashboard Light,” “Sweet Caroline” or “Don’t Stop Believin,” you can all but guarantee any karaoke machine or facilitator will already have the track to accommodate you. 

But if you want to really dazzle, you need to follow the road less traveled. Because God knows, we can’t listen to some hack butcher “Livin’ on a Prayer” again,

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Remember when open source was fun?

Much of the conversation about the sustainability of open source has revolved around how to ensure VC-backed companies can turn millions in investment into hundreds of millions in return. But talking with early pioneers of open source projects like Curl, Fio, and Wireshark, it’s clear that a critical component is missing from such conversations: fun.

In canvassing the industry for the stories behind important but perhaps not well-known open source projects, it has surprised me just how many of these projects are developed for personal satisfaction, regardless of the impact on these developers’ bank accounts.

Drupal for fun

Not that

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The future of serverless everything

Sometimes I think we’re overdoing it with serverless. Once it was a handy platform that saved you from having to size server resources correctly and that removed resources when no longer needed. Today it’s a catchall that has different meanings depending on its applications and who’s provided serverless as a service on the public clouds.

I’m seeing some obvious trends that enterprises may be able to exploit. Here’s a head up.

It’s a Kubernetes world, and serverless is now well represented. Kubernetes has become the de facto open source container cluster and orchestration platform. Its movement to serverless was a

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