Day: April 21, 2020

Flowcharts don’t have to be an art debacle. Zen Flowchart creates simple, elegant flowcharts in minutes.

TLDR: Zen Flowchart Pro is a stripped-down flowchart creator that looks great without all the extra hassles you don’t need.

Creating a flowchart to walk through the steps of a project falls halfway between crafting a basic text document and an art project. You want to create a visual representation of your tasks that brings boring, stogy text to life. But once you’re digging into a hardcore graphics app to handle your flowchart, you’re already going deeper and burning more time than you likely wanted to spend.

Zen Flowchart is a decidedly happy medium between the two, capable of fleshing

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The new normal: A step-by-step guide for the enterprise

For the last several weeks, enterprises have battled the ripple effects of the pandemic. This often meant having employees work at home when it was once not allowed. Cloud computing uses that were still being debated in the halls of corporate IT before the crisis suddenly became reality. One clear theme: The enterprise must rely on public cloud-based platforms and services to ensure its future in the new normal.

With that theme in mind, here are a few steps to implement a successful transition:

Step 1: Realistically assess the existing problems and most probable near-future damages

From a business perspective,

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Checking AI bias is a job for the humans

One of the primary problems with artificial intelligence (AI) is the “artificial” part. The other is the “intelligence.” While we like to pretend that we’re setting robotic intelligences free from our human biases and other shortcomings, in reality we often transfer our failings into the AI, one dataset at a time.

Hannah Davis, a data scientist, calls this out, arguing that “a dataset is a worldview,” filled with subjective meanings. But rather than leave our AI hopes moribund, she also offers some ways we might improve the data that informs our AI.

AI has always been about people


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IoT offers a way to track COVID-19 via connected thermometers

A company called Kinsa is leveraging IoT tech to create a network of connected thermometers, collecting a huge amount of anonymous health data that could offer insights into the current and future pandemics.

The company’s founder and CEO, Inder Singh, said that the ability to track fever levels across the U.S. in close to real time could be a crucial piece of information for both the public at large and for decision-makers in the healthcare sector and government.

The system’s networking technology is relatively straightforward – the thermometer connects via Bluetooth to an app on the user’s phone, which reports

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