Day: April 17, 2020

Uber warns revenue loss could hit $80M this quarter — and traders love it

Uber has withdrawn its financial guidance for 2020, telling shareholders it’s “impossible to predict with precision” just how badly the coronavirus pandemic will impact its bottom line.

The seminal ride-hailing firm also warned that its revenue for Q1 2020 will shrink by anywhere from $17 to $22 million, and by an estimated $60 to $80 million in Q2.

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This was due to initiatives it recently launched to ease the effects of the pandemic, including a financial assistance program for Uber drivers and delivery people.

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ECMAScript 2020 spec for JavaScript moves forward

ECMAScript 2020, the next version of the official specification underlying JavaScript, is expected to be formally adopted in June, subject to approval by ECMA International and the ECMA technical committee overseeing the specification. 

ECMAScript 2020 introduces multiple features ranging from a new import() facility for loading modules to a new BigInt type for working with arbitrary precision integers. 

Specific features planned for ECMAScript 2020 include:

  • A “function-like” import() module loading syntax to asynchronously import modules with a dynamic specifier. The proposal adds an import(specifier) syntactic form, acting in many ways like a function. It returns a promise for
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Cloud security secrets your cloud provider doesn’t want you to know

The first question most cloud security architects ask when tasked with designing a cloud security solution is: What cloud are you using? Then they typically select a set of technologies, such as IAM (identity and access management) and encryption, that are native to that specific cloud brand.

This may have been a sound approach just a few years ago, but today we live in a multicloud world where security needs to remove complexity as well as risk. Here are three cloud security secrets the public cloud providers won’t tell you:

Cloud-native security solutions offered by the big providers are not

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