Day: April 10, 2020

Tech event calendar 2020: Upcoming shows, conferences and IT expos

VRX Immersive Enterprise 2020 (Online Only) The VRX event offers insights on how companies can navigate the IT and cultural challenges of adding mixed reality to enterprise workflows and processes. 2020-05-05 2020-05-07 Boston, MA Google I/O (CANCELLED) Google’s annual developer conference offers in-depth sessions on the company’s latest developer tools and provides a sneak peek at upcoming products. 2020-05-12 2020-05-14 Mountain View, CA Microsoft Build (Online Only) Microsoft typically uses its annual developers’ conference as a showcase for new products and technologies related to Windows and Azure. The event offers attendees hands-on workshops, demos, an expo hall, networking opportunities and
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Python is a tool you need in your developer skillset, and this 6-course package can be your introduction.

TLDR: Python is one of the coding languages any programmer needs to know, so the Coding with Python Ultimate Training can be the guidebook for anyone to help pick it up quickly.

Working from home is great for convenience, but with so many potential distractions, it isn’t always the best for productivity. So if you’re going to spend all this time at home learning something new, it stands to reason you not only want to develop a skill that’s useful, but also one that isn’t overly complicated that you can process fairly quickly.

Many developers will tell you that description

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Not all AIops tools are created equal

AIops is becoming the new norm for operational tools supporting cloud operations. This technology can be applied to all types of operational tasks, providing intelligent automation that learns as it solves operational issues.

These tools must carry out preprogrammed self-corrective processes, and the AIops tools’ ability to learn during those processes creates a huge advantage. For instance, understanding that performance issues could be saturation caused by cyberattacks should kick off security processes to mount a defense. Or moving out of a performance threshold should automatically launch more resources to bring performance back to an acceptable range.

The number of things

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