Day: April 8, 2020

MIT’s sprayable sensor can turn your sofa armrest into a TV remote

Imagine you’re sitting on the sofa, but you forgot to pick up the TV remote, and your smart speaker isn’t listening to your request. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your sofa’s armrest could act as a remote? That could be possible with MIT’s new sprayable sensor technology.

Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have built a system called SprayableTech, that lets you create interactive surfaces. Through this new technology, you can spray a sign on your bedroom’s wall to turn on, turn off, and adjust the brightness of a lightbulb, or you can turn your

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AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Which free tier is best?

Who doesn’t like free stuff? The public cloud vendors know we all do.

The major cloud services offer their wares to everyone from the indie developer with a credit card to enterprises that cut seven-figure SLAs. The big three—Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure—also offer free trial versions of various individual services unde their banners. The free offerings are not always enough for full production work, but enough to get a good taste of how the services work without running up a bill.

Note that the list of always-free services varies widely between clouds.

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CI/CD adoption is accelerating | ITworld

DevOps has been an aspirational goal for many organizations for years. Embroiled in the work-from-home reality of the current COVID-19 pandemic, “All the timelines” for embracing DevOps, generally, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) “have shrunk,” says CircleCI CEO Jim Rose, fresh on the heels of a $100 million Series E raise. “The pandemic has compressed the time that companies are taking to get to CI/CD.”

With so much uncertainty as to when employees will be able to return to the office (or whether they’ll stay remote, as a recent Gartner survey suggests), organizations are quickly discovering that old-school, on-premises

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