Month: March 2020

O’Reilly pulls the plug on in-person events

In the wake of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, prominent technology conference producer O’Reilly has shut down its events business, permanently. From now on, O’Reilly events will be held online.

The producer of events such as OSCON (O’Reilly Open Source Software Conference) and the Strata Data & AI conference, O’Reilly noted in a March 24 bulletin the impact of the virus on its in-person events division. In response, the company recently switched its Strata conference, which was to be held in San Jose last week, to an online format, drawing more than 4,600 remote attendees.

“Without understanding when this global health

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The horrifying story of how we learned to keep organs alive outside the body

Organ transplantation is one of the success stories of modern medicine. Around 139,000 transplants are performed annually across the world. One of the most recent success stories is a double-lung transplant for a patient with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, in China.

Successful organ donation is a fairly recent phenomenon, still only decades old. The first successful kidney transplant was performed by a group of surgeons led by Dr Joseph Murray in Boston in 1954 between the identical Herrick twins – the recipient lived for eight years.

But the story does not really begin there. As a concept,

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GitOps brings the power of Git into Ops

By now you’ve probably heard of GitOps and, if so, you may still be wondering what it means. It probably won’t help if I tell you GitOps doesn’t necessarily involve Git (no, really), nor does it require Kubernetes, the orchestration engine with which it’s regularly paired.

Confused much? Well, try this: GitOps is a way to enable a developer-centric experience for managing applications, as Weaveworks, the company that coined the term “GitOps,” might say. Put more bluntly, it’s a way to give developers even more control over their work. Think of it as DevOps on steroids, or DevOps

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COVID-19 stress tests cloud services

With the COVID-19 virus putting millions of more people into the “working from home” category, cloud service providers are being put to the test. In response, global cloud leaders are stress-testing their infrastructure and activating pandemic-specific resiliency testing procedures, research from Forrester indicates.

Both Forrester and research firm GlobalData have published assessments of the impact of the crisis on cloud services. Forrester noted the following efforts in its March 12 report:

  • Amazon Web Services has included pandemic response in its resiliency planning and regularly scales to handle spikes in demand, such as on Black Friday. Pandemic response policies and procedures
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Netflix isn’t giving away free subs due to coronavirus — it’s a scam

Nope, Netflix isn’t handing out free subscriptions to its streaming service due to the coronavirus outbreak — you’re probably being targeted in a phishing scam.

Users have taken to social media to report receiving suspicious texts, offering them “free passes” to the streaming service if they click a specific link. But while a freebie subscription might seem enticing in times of isolation, you might want to avoid the temptation to click: Netflix has nothing to do with these offers.

The company told Business Insider it has no involvement in the campaigns, even though the URL in the suspicious texts contains

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Enhance your cloud career during lockdown

It’s on. The COVID-19 pandemic is, and will continue to be, the biggest disruption to our society’s way of life for 2020. While we’re still trying to figure things out, most of us are working from home, or, worse, have lost our jobs. 

Truth be told, I’m a big fan of working at home. Even with a manageable commute, going into an office can mean about three hours of unproductive time every workday. You contribute more to carbon emissions in numerous ways and miss out on things happening at home. 

So, when life give you lemons…

Here are a few

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