Day: March 23, 2020

Amazon-backed EV startup closes factories and offices amid pandemic

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, life and business is on hold for a lot of us. Now, electric vehicle startup Rivian is joining the list of companies on pause until the coronavirus pandemic is addressed.

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Rivian, known for its high-range and practical all-electric SUVs, is shutting down all its facilities, TechCrunch reports.

But it’s great to hear that the company will continue to pay its salaried and hourly workers during what will be, hopefully, a temporary shutdown.

The Michigan-headquartered EV startup employs over

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Can APIs be copyrighted? | ITworld

The great billion dollar sumo match between Oracle and Google has been winding its way through the courts and is just about to reach the final round where the US Supreme Court will decide, among other things, whether an API can be copyrighted. There are a number of nuances to the case including accusations of pure plagiarism, but the tantalizing question about APIs and whether they might be copyrightable is giving programmers and their good friends, the lawyers, something to argue about for many billable hours.

On one side of the debate are programmers who are wondering if there’s one

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