Day: March 5, 2020

Intel CSME flaw is unpatchable, researchers warn

Last May, Intel released firmware patches for vulnerabilities affecting several hardware security features in its chipsets that are used for digital rights management, device attestation, firmware validation, safe storage of cryptographic keys, disk encryption and more. A team of security researchers now warns that one of those flaws is actually unpatchable and could lead to a complete compromise of the cryptographic chain of trust in Intel-based systems with potentially disastrous implications for technologies built on top of it.

“The scenario that Intel system architects, engineers and security specialists perhaps feared most is now a reality,” researchers from security firm Positive

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“Do More with R” video tutorials

‘Do More with R’ offers quick video tips on useful things you can do in the R programming language. Now you can search these R tutorial videos by topics, tasks, and packages in the table below. (Click on the task to go straight to the video content—or in some cases, an article with a video). Most videos are shorter than 10 minutes.

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Authentication, identity management start-ups lead 2019 VC investing

The red-hot venture capital (VC) investment trend for cybersecurity start-ups turned white hot during 2019, with the number of investments deals in “pure-play” cybersecurity companies soaring from 2018 levels. According to one set of numbers, the Venture Monitor report produced by Pitchbook for the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), the cybersecurity sector is attracting “unprecedented levels of VC deal-making.”

The goal of all this deal-making is to cash out wisely when companies are either acquired or go public on the stock exchange. Like VC spending, 2019 was a major year for cybersecurity acquisitions, with more than 150 deals totaling more

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How agile teams can support incident management

No one enjoys being woken up in the middle of the night or having a weekend interrupted because of a major incident disrupting application reliability or performance. When an application is truly down and impacts business operations, few desire the pressure of the war room. Agile developers should focus on their sprint commitments and spend as little time as possible investigating the root causes of major incidents. Yet responding to major incidents, providing support to resolve issues, and participating in root-cause analysis is everyone’s responsibility.

In the best of circumstances, operations teams have monitoring systems that detect, alert, and resolve

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Etsy goes cloud native to better scale to seasonal demands

Popular online marketplace Etsy recently completed a two-year migration from 2,000 on-premises servers to Google Cloud. The Etsy website and mobile app provide an online shop window to makers of hand-crafted and niche goods, but with more than two million sellers on the platform by 2018, the in-house bare metal infrastructure was starting to creak.

Etsy was founded in 2005, well into the internet era but long before the explosion of public cloud services. The firm went public in 2015 and soon afterward made cloud migration a priority, so that it could scale its services without having to make big

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