Day: February 21, 2020

RStudio Conference 2020 videos you don’t want to miss

With dozens of RStudio Conference videos now available online, it’s hard to know where to begin. I hope this look at some of my favorites will help get you started!

Error messages in R

I could probably watch Jenny Bryan teach data entry (oh, that looks interesting, maybe I want to try typing in a thousand rows . . . . ). But in this keynote, she tackles a much more compelling topic: dealing with errors in R. There’s a lot of useful advice here, which she shares in an engaging, relatable way. One takeaway: Try the equivalent of a

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Open source should learn from Linux, not MySQL

There has been a lot of talk about open source sustainability over the past few years, and for good reason. Open source now powers much of the world’s most critical new technologies, from programming languages and application platforms to machine learning and data infrastructure. As such, we need more, not less, open source innovation. However, the most innovative and sustainable open source rarely depends exclusively upon a single individual or company.

Don’t believe me? Look at some of the most foundational open source projects of the past few decades. Linux? Scads of companies contribute. Or consider PostgreSQL, which has

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How to stop bias from creeping into the recruitment process, a diversity expert explains

TNW Answers is a live Q&A platform where we invite interesting people in tech who are much smarter than us to answer questions from TNW readers and editors for an hour. 

A lack of diversity is one of the biggest problems the tech industry faces, despite a significant growth in the number of women working in the tech industry, female representation has stalled over the last decade. Currently, just 18% of leadership roles are filled by women, and the stats are even bleaker for women of color.

Research has proven time and time again that diverse teams are good

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