Day: February 19, 2020

Add color to your ggplot2 text in R

The ggplot2 package is powerful and almost endlessly customizable, but sometimes small tweaks can be a challenge. The ggtext package aims to simplify styling text on your visualizations. In this tutorial, I’ll walk through one text-styling task I saw demo’d at RStudio Conference last month: adding color.

If you’d like to follow along, I suggest installing the development version of ggplot2 from GitHub. In general, some things shown at the conference weren’t on CRAN yet. And ggtext definitely does not work with some older versions of ggplot.

You have to install ggtext from GitHub, since at the time I wrote

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What you should know before co-founding a startup with a stranger

There are many reasons why having a co-founder is beneficial: Investors typically back startups run by a team of people, you can split the costs, lessen the burden, and have someone you trust on-hand for constant support.

That’s why a recent Medium article caught my eye. The post, which was published earlier this week, outlined how two complete strangers met online and eventually decided to launch a startup together, albeit remotely.

Dave Schools explains how he co-founded Hopin, a live online events platform, with Johnny Boufarhat last year. Fast forward to today and the startup now employs

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