13 ways Google Cloud beats AWS

The general public knows what the word “google” means. It’s a search engine, although there’s also Gmail and some services like Google Maps. But that’s about it. 

Developers know that behind the scenes, several decades ago, the company started building one of the original cloud services to support these massive sites that run at a world-wide scale. It was an awesome engineering feat. Now the same software and hardware that powers their great search and advertising empire can also support your enterprise, small or large. It’s just a click away.

The cloud business may be dominated by Amazon and its ever expanding collection of dozens of products and services, but Google is running hard. Sometimes they’re catching up and sometimes they might be said to be leading.

Leading? Well, it’s hard to say that some cloud products are head-and-shoulders above others because the products themselves are often commodities. A machine running the current version of Ubuntu or a cloud storage bucket that stores a few gigabytes are about as interchangeable as evenings spent at home during quarantine.

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