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Laser Hair Treatment-Seeking an Understanding of the Treatment

One of the main problems that is faced by both men and women is that of thinning and is usually a major cause of emotional and physical pain. The other fact that we need to know about hair loss is that there are a number of this condition that we always face and as well a wide range of the treatments available for the same. Amongst these is the treatment by use of laser hair therapy. This is a treatment that is alternatively known as Low Level Laser Treatment, LLLT, has been quite placed under so much scrutiny ever since it came to the fore as a development by the restoration specialists. There has been, as we have just mentioned above, so much of a discussion and a heated one for that matter over the success and effectiveness of the particular condition of thinning hair. It is thus quite essential that before you seek this treatment you ensure that you have sought the opinion of a certified medical professional.

The history and the emergence of the treatment, actually replicates what is always the case with many of the major breakthroughs in the medical world and it was all but a matter of accident. Some researcher, named Andre Mester, had the theory that the exposure that one may have to the cold laser light may be a leading fact to cancer, just like it is always the case with the UV light. As a way to test his theory, the researcher took some mice and shaved them and had some exposed to the cold laser light and some were left unexposed as part of the control group. To his surprise, the cold laser light did not cause even a trace of the cancer in the mice. In the opposite of the results, he came to realize that the mice who were exposed to the laser light actually had their fur grow much faster as compared to those who were left in the control group. This discovery later came to be named as photo-biostimualtion as was given by the researcher behind it, Andre Mester. It is simply in the theory that the laser light stimulates the hair cells into an accelerated rate of growth.

The present day laser treatment in essence involves the low level laser rays which are directed at the scalp using a special mechanical device in order to get the red blood cells of the scalp as well stimulated. It has actually been established to be one of the most effective ways to help deal with the problems so common of thinning hair which you can get to trust.

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