How to create an interactive table in R

Interactive tables with searching and sorting can be a nice way of exploring data. And sometimes, you might want to share that data with other people — including text-only data like a list of Do More With R video tutorials.

But when that data includes a column with fairly long entries, that column may not fit well in a table the width of your screen. This can be especially tricky when not every row includes the very-wide column. For example, a table of questionnaire results where one field is “Do you have any additional comments?” Not everyone may.

That’s where a table with expandable rows can come in handy. At the NICAR data journalism conference earlier this year, I posted a form so speakers (and other attendees) could submit links to session presentations. Some people added additional comments; others didn’t. Showing that column by default would waste a lot of screen real estate.

Instead, that comment field displays in my interactive table of NICAR resources only if a user clicks on the expand-row icon. Not every row can be expanded with a clickable icon at the left of the Topic name because not every row has data in that field, as you can (hopefully) see in the screenshot below.

table with expandable rows Sharon Machlis, IDG

R-generated table with some rows that are expandable to display more information. 

Let’s see how to make a table like this. 

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