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Why you need Design Thinking and Proofs of Concept to level up your business

The race is on. Since the introduction of social distancing measures earlier this year, the market has suddenly become a real life version of “the floor is lava”, with startups and even large enterprises jumping from idea to idea, and competing for funding, customers, and survival.  

Whether their whole business model needs a reset or they need to develop new growth-focused features, many are in an innovate-or-die situation. 

The latest Startup Ecosystem Report by Startup Genome found that four out of ten startups have less than three months of capital runway. 

To add to this, Startup Genome found that since

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Tencent’s offer to buy this Chinese search engine pumped its stock by 50%

Chinese search engine Sogou‘s stock price jumped 50% after it revealed Tencent had proposed to buy all of the company’s remaining stock above asking price, delist it from the New York Stock Exchange, and take it private.

Seeking future profits, traders immediately sent Sogou stock soaring by Monday’s market open. Tencent, China’s largest tech conglomerate valued at $640 billion, had just offered to buy Sogou shares for $9 each, well beyond its $5.75 market close on July 24.

Sogou is China’s second largest search engine in terms of market share with 22%, according to StatCounter. The latest available analysis found

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This AI tool can identify individual birds with 90% accuracy

Birdwatchers armed with binoculars and fields books can be great at spotting species, but they struggle to identify individuals in a flock.

Luckily for them, a new AI tool can do the tricky task for them — and potentially offer new insights into bird behaviors.

Scientists first trained the AI on labeled images of wild great tits and sociable weavers, as well as captive zebra finches. They then tested the system on new pictures of the same birds that it had never seen before. The team says the AI correctly identified over 90% of the wild species, and 87% of

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From sales to CRM to administrative, Sellful is business software that tackles everything

TLDR: Sellful is an all-in-one business solutions suite, capable of producing websites, selling product, communicating with customers, marketing and more.

When you’re trying to run a business, you’ve got a lot to consider. You’re trying to sell your product. You’re trying to communicate with customers and collect payments. You’re trying to balance your books and promote your brand.

Thankfully, there are plenty of apps and services available to help you accomplish those vital business goals. Unfortunately, those apps usually only handle just one of those tasks, which means you’re still dealing with a handful of different interfaces to help streamline

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Data and project management should be a major business focus. This training puts it front and center

TLDR: The training in The Ultimate Data and Project Management Certification Bundle helps you understand the process and tools driving data analytics and project tracking.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the minutia of your day to day business. In fact, it’s probably not uncommon for you to realize that most of your day was spent dealing with in-the-moment hassles and today’s latest crisis while the big picture issues that could shape the course of your company and your future sit untouched.

But it’s time to put your eye back on the ball. Understanding all the data around your

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Vodafone makes big play for EU 5G dominance with mobile tower IPO

Vodafone today revealed the creation of Europe‘s largest telecommunications infrastructure platform, Vantage Towers, which it says is already on track to go public with an IPO in Frankfurt next year.

Vantage Towers launches with over 68,000 towers across nine markets. A sizeable chunk of those come by way of a merger with Greece’s Wind Hellas and a 50% stake in UK’s leading telecoms infrastructure firm CTIL  the latter of which manages 14,300 towers.

All that new infrastructure will become “part of the essential consolidated grid of at least two of the largest mobile operators in markets where Vodafone has

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