Rule the galaxy together in Stellaris

Games to play on date night is a series that focuses on finding the best video games for small groups to play together. The big idea here is that many of us have “played out” our favorite go-to games during the extended lockdowns and may be looking for new ways to spend our game time together. Send your recommendations to [email protected].

Somewhere, out there, you and your soulmate could be gazing at the same yellow star. Or perhaps they’re looking at a trinary star system while you’re exploring the gaping maw of a supermassive black hole. This week,

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Containers require good architecture | InfoWorld

Gartner is predicting growing container adoption by 2023, believe it or not. Are you sitting down? Data from its survey shows a surge in containerization of applications (and data). The percentage of organizations that have containerized more than half of their applications increased from 23 percent to 29 percent. Also, the number of organizations that have containerized fewer than 10 percent of their apps fell from 32 percent to 21 percent.

Containers are becoming systemic to cloud-based applications, and while it’s helpful to cite analysts’ surveys, all you need to do is to join a cloud development team to understand

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The pandemic ushers in the next era of enterprise cloud adoption

The broad industry shift to the cloud was well underway by the time COVID-19 started to spread around the globe in March 2020, but there is clear evidence that cloud adoption has accelerated at a previously unforeseen pace as a result of the pandemic.

Data from Synergy Research—which diligently tracks global cloud spend and market share—showed enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and hosted private cloud services) reached $65 billion in the third quarter of 2020, up 28% from the third quarter of 2019 and up 3% from what analysts expected before the pandemic hit, adding

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What to expect on January 14

On January 14 at 10 AM EST, Samsung is hosting its latest Unpacked event, where it will announce the Galaxy S21 family. This time around, the company is expected to announce three devices: the S21 5G, the S21+ 5G, and S21 Ultra 5G.

It’s an unusually early unveiling — following an unusual year — and we’re expecting some notable changes to Samsung’s mainstream lineup this year. Perhaps most notably…

The S21 Ultra brings S-Pen support to the mainline Galaxy family

We’ve been hearing rumors for months that Samsung would abandon the Note family and instead incorporate S-Pen support into the

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Review: Microsoft Azure AI and Machine Learning aims for the enterprise

Microsoft has a presence in most enterprise development and IT shops, so it’s not a surprise that the Azure AI and Machine Learning platform has a presence in most enterprise development, data analysis, and data science shops. Enterprise AI often has demanding requirements, and the Azure offerings do their best to meet them.

Azure AI and Machine Learning includes 17 cognitive services, a machine learning platform pitched at three different skill levels, cognitive search, bot services, and Azure Databricks, an Apache Spark product optimized for the Azure platform and integrated with other Azure services.

Rather than force companies to run

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Lenovo’s sleek new AR glasses project 5 virtual monitors at once

Lenovo released its new pair of sleek and lightweight AR glasses called the Thinkreality A3 today. The glasses can connect to your PC or a Motorola phone through a USB-C cable — but sadly, it’s still just for enterprise customers.

The headset is powered by Qualcomm’s XR1 mixed-reality platform. It has 1080p stereoscopic displays for each eye lens. It has dual fish-eye cameras to track and map the room around you. Plus, an 8-megapixel 1080p camera that sits right above your nose tip, to stream your view to remote teams.

Lenovo says that you can fold these glasses up like

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