Month: March 2020

Open source companies are thriving in the cloud

Quick, can you spot the common link between MongoDB, DataStax, Redis Labs, Percona, Couchbase, and EnterpriseDB? If you said, “They’re all open source database vendors,” you’d be mostly correct. (Not all offer databases governed by an open source license.)

But if you said, “Each offers an increasingly popular database-as-a-service cloud offering,” you’d be spot on. Indeed, while we’ve spent a few years with erstwhile open source vendors changing their licenses to ward off evil cloud vendors, what we’re starting to see is these same vendors embracing the cloud, and to hugely positive effect.

Hence, while Databricks CEO Ali Ghodsi has

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Renault’s concept EV can make itself bigger to fit more batteries

Even though battery technology is moving forward, many EVs still struggle to match their gasoline counterparts for range. But French marque Renault thinks it’s got an idea to address that.

Renault’s 100% electric Morphoz concept can make itself longer to accommodate more batteries to increase its range.

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Renault, Morphoz, battery, ev, lengthen
Credit: Renault
Renault’s Morphoz will lengthen itself to take on extra batteries for long distance driving.

In its standard “city” guise, the Morphoz has a 40 kWh battery. But for those potentially infrequent long-distance trips it can extend

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These psychological tips will stop you from checking your email all the damn time

I have been looking for practical ways to put my mind at ease. For one, I have designated time on my calendar for email.  I now schedule a daily meeting with my inbox, as opposed to letting messages barge into my life throughout the day. When I feel the need to check, I remind myself I’ll get to it soon and that there’s an apportioned time for it.

While internal triggers cue behaviors through mental associations, there is another type of trigger I have to deal with if I want to break the habit. External triggers prompt action by telling

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